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2 new features for the Automag Zone Valve family!
"A Zonetastic American manufacturing company!"

Press Fittings
Available on all Automag Zone Valve models.
Save time and elminate the need for your torch and solder!

Digital 3-wire Compatible Heating Thermostat
Compatible with the Automag "MB Power Supply"
Can also be used as a standard 2-wire heating thermostat.

5 Year Zone Valve Warranty

Normally Open means on those cold winter nights, if there is an electrical problem the zone valves are open and hot water can flow or gravity feed!

Known for reliability and long service life since 1965.
If there are no stocking Automag distributors in your area, please contact the Sales Rep for that area or call Hydronic Alternatives at 413-543-8733 and they will be happy to take your credit card order.

1111 Hill Street, Jessup, PA 18434
(570) 383-2428
FAX: (570) 383-9820

Automag division of KCI Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of "Fail-Safe" normally open Zone Valves

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