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Converting An Automag 3-wire Thermostat to Digital/Programmable Thermostat

We always recommend using a battery operated Digital/Programmable Thermostat.

There are some Digital/Programmable Thermostats available that operate the AA Style Automag Zone Valves with a MB Power Supply. See list below.

For those thermostats that are only suitable for 2-wire heating applications, you can utilize the Automag CNV84 Relay.
See wiring diagram in TECHNICAL INFORMATION.

Or you can change the zone valve head to the "RI" series head, which is designed for 2-wire thermostats.
See wiring information in TECHNICAL INFORMATION.

Most compatible digital/programmable thermostats label their wiring points differently for Automag. In most cases the Automag RED wire will attach to R or Rh. The Automag white wire will attach to Y and the Automag blue(or green) wire will attach to W. On some thermostats there might be an A connection point instead of the Y.

3-wire Compatible Thermostats

  • Honeywell
    • RTH7400D
    • RTH7500D
    • RTH8500D
    • VISION PRO 8000, VISION PRO 5000
    • TH6300
  • LUX
    • TX9600TS
    • TX9100U
    • TX1500U
    • 1F97-1277
    • 3M-22
    • 3M-30

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